General Content


Estudios de Administración Iberoamericanos, publishes articles in all three categories:


Research Papers:

Presenting the results of research projects with empirical data analysis and strongly linked to existing literature. These articles include replications in different settings and particularly in the Iberoamerican context. They normally include 5 sections: introduction or problem statement, literature review, method, results, conclusions & implications.


Conceptual Paper & Literature Reviews:

Since business sciences are advancing very rapidly and interdisciplinary research is also growing, EA also publishes up-to-date articles that synthesize, integrate or advance conceptual and theory development in a field. Focused, critical, integrative and comprehensive literature reviews (including most relevant and recent articles) are encouraged.


Tools, Cases & Research Notes:

Are articles were authors show the application of new techniques and tools, show findings of short studies or cases that inform business practice and business teaching.


In all cases, contributions are blind reviewed, and are judged by its merit, rigour, relevance, and potential impact in the literature and in the region.


Additionally, Estudios de Administración also publishes critical reviews of recent books.